Buying a property

You’re buying a new home or an investment property, congratulations! We’re sure you have your hands full working out the finer details with the agent, organizing inspections and talking dollars with the banks. Luckily for you we won’t be adding any stress, buying a property should be an exciting time and we’ll endeavor to achieve this for you.

If you feel like reading into the finer details, we’ve listed all the fun bits of the process below, if you’d rather get started, send an email or give us a call and don’t forget to ask about title insurance.


  • proof of identity
  • title search
  • contract
  • section 32
  • prepare transfer of land documentation
  • forms related to stamp duty, concessions, exemptions, first home-owners
  • attend settlement
  • title insurance 

Buying a property? this sounds exciting, we have lots to discuss.

Let us take care of the conveyancing for you, contact today for a free quote and exceptional service.

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If you've got a moment and you're keen to get started, click on the link above and give us the details you can, this will help move things along quicker.