Here are a list of questions that clients commonly ask. If you have further questions, lets chat. 

What should I expect my conveyancing to cost?
Your conveyancing cost will vary with each firm and the best way to answer this is in most cases your conveyancer will charge a set fee plus disbursements (costs associated with your file) Although an exact quote might be difficult to obtain, most firms will disclose their set fee.

Do I have a choice in my conveyancer or does a real estate agent decide?
You most definantly have a choice in which conveyancer you would like to use. Most Real Estate Agents have a list of the conveyancing firms in their area and provide this to you when inspecting a property, so you can make your enquiries, if we're not that list, still give us a call and see how we can help.

Are you able to recommend good real estate agents, banks and mortgage brokers?
We can definitely recommend Real Estate Agents, banks and mortgage brokers and each conveyancing firm will handle this differently. Here at QCS I can provide you with a list of each and leave the final decision up to you. At the end of the day, you will be deciding on who will work best for you and have the right deal to match. To make life easier, I share a building with a mortgage broker and building inspectors, I'd be more than happy to arrange a time to introduce you. 

At what point do I need a conveyancer?
You can appoint a conveyancer as soon as you start thinking about buying or selling property. However, in some cases it can be after you have obtained financial advice and the Vendor (owner) has accepted your offer.

What geographical boundaries do you work in?
Here at QCS we only deal with the conveyancing transactions in the state of Victoria.

I want to get started, how do I do that?

You've made a good choice and the answer is, its easy, give us a call, contact us via the contact page or click on our agents page and start filling in the 'purchaser' or 'vendor' form dependent upon your situation.