A FREE bottle of wine

If you're buying your first property using the First Home Owners Grant (FHOG) then you're in luck, lots of luck!

To start with the Government's FHOG doubles to $20,000 effective July 1 and you'll be eligible for a stamp duty exemption (estimated at $11,000 for a $300K home).

We could sit back and say, you should be buying us the wine but when you're on, you're on, so we thought it'd be better to add to the party.

Until the end of July, we'll be giving away a bottle of Gippsland wine (your choice of red or white) for any new contracts signed. . 

For more on the FHOG - read our post about it - here

How Do I Get Said Wine?


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Terms & Conditions:

If you're eligible for the FHOG and we're your conveyancer and contracts are signed between July 1- 31 then you can expect a bottle of wine :)