Acting as conveyancer and client

Happy to be the Conveyancer - Even happier to be the client

They say that sparky's don't change their own light globes and that chefs rarely cook... the world of conveyancing is quite different and I'm very happy and excited to be able to put my name on a file as both the purchaser and the conveyancer. It has been an interesting and rewarding experience for Myself, Michael and Ryder when we found this property in Tyers (10km from Traralgon) and fell in love with its natural beauty. Our new home is literally amongst the trees and our inspection was shared with wallabies bouncing across the property. 

A few thank-you's

What can sometimes be a difficult process (and I'm sure behind the scenes it was) was made easy by the great communication and assistance provided by Stockdale and Leggo's George Demetrios, who was able to meet us at the property at times that were convenient to us, helped us with any questions we had and followed up those questions he couldn't answer with the vendor. George's professionalism, honesty and availability was certainly a factor in us making this big step. 

The other challenge, for most of us, is finding the finance to turn that dream home into a reality, enter Josh and Nick Egan from Astute Financial, much like George, Josh was always on hand to answer our questions, no matter how silly they seemed, helped us navigate through a difficult and changing landscape reassuring us every step of the way. 

We utilised Dave Kelly from Gippsland Home Inspections, Dave's experience and friendly approach reassured us that behind the beautiful home and property we had found was a stable and trustworthy structure, without defects. Dave was great in providing a thorough report with a great turnaround time. 

Lastly, a huge thank-you to the current owners of the property, although we haven't met, we are very grateful for the condition you've kept this gem in and mostly for selling it.

We are incredibly lucky in the Gippsland area to have so many high quality, professionals in real-estate, finance and related service on hand to help us every-step of the way. I'm sure all of my clients would have similar stories, if you do and you'd like to share some good news, how someone went above and beyond for you, please let me know, I'd be happy to share online and give those that helped you the recognition they so often deserve and so rarely receive. 

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