And it's settled

In my last post I mentioned that I'd be acting as both conveyancer and client with our families new property... Well, as I sit here in front of the fire I thought I'd share the experience... maybe unearth a few myths...

Is moving hard?

Everyone told us moving is hard, pay someone to do it they said... Thankfully, we didn't find the experience too bad, in many ways its like getting on a long haul flight, you accept the pain for 24hrs knowing you'll end up in a great place. We packed slowly in the weeks leading up (well I did, whilst my husband Michael found numerous activities to occupy himself). We sold unwanted things, hired a truck and enlisted the family. 


We decided much of our existing furniture wouldn't fit in the new house and thankfully we found the buy/swap/sell Facebook groups, selling our fridge, dining setting, gym equipment, stereo system and other bits and pieces netting us over $2500 which will be a great start to buying some new furniture... Highly recommend people get on these sites, we will use it more often in the future to get rid of unwanted or unused household items, there is always someone out there looking for your unloved treasures.

Hire a truck

With most things packed and many items sold, on moving day we hired a truck from Hertz, For around $125 we had the truck for 24hrs and did 4-5 runs, with amazing family at each end packing, unpacking and most importantly cleaning our old home/rental to save us the effort and cleaning the new home out prior to moving furniture in, this made life easy. 

Last minute changes

We... well Michael decided that a few rooms could do with a paint and the night before moving, with some colleagues providing some great help and advice they managed to give our main living areas a good coat of paint, just helping it feel a little more like our home.

Finally we settled

What most clients struggle with is understanding when and why a settlement doesn't go to plan.... well as a conveyancer I am not immune to this myself, our Thursday settlement became a Friday and we are grateful the vendors allowed us to move in early, these things happen, lots to deal with between banks, conveyancers, agents etc

Now for the fire, wine and fun times

So for us, moving wasn't so hard and nor should it be for you, if like us you have great friends and family willing to help it really does make a huge difference and in many ways makes it fun. More than just providing people with advice on conveyancing this experience has refreshed me on going through the whole process myself and my advice now extends so much further... For now its time to relax and enjoy some wine in front of that fire maybe have a look for that perfect dining table on gumtree, buy swap sell and the 20 furniture stores saved in my favorites :) 


Also a thank-you to my clients - I somehow managed to stay open over these days with several settlements in addition to my own, we are having a huge month with so many new clients referred by old, thank-you so much!