Supporting Gippslandia

For those of you who haven't had a chance to hold a copy of Gippslandia yet, you need to.

In their words:

"Gippslandia is quarterly magazine in newspaper format, for, and about, the Latrobe Valley & Gippsland. It’s an ever-optimistic take on regional, national and global issues, in a local context."

In our words:

It shows the region in the way it should be, at its best. We rarely show the worst of ourselves on social media, when out for dinner with friends (unless that dinner ends with drinks and late night taxi trips home) or in public... yet for too long we've accepted talking about the place we call home in a negative way, looking at it for its problems or shortcomings rather than the place it is, the place we choose to live.

Gippsland is filled with beauty, We're lucky to assist our clients in buying and selling property all across Gippsland (and into Melbourne and other parts of the state) everyday. The people that call this place home are offered the beauty of the rolling hills, the short trips to both beach and snow, a vibrant restaurant and cafe scene, nature, wildlife and a relaxed lifestyle where neighbours stop to say hi and the worst traffic gets is a bit of a bank up at the local roundabout. If all of that isn't enough, its affordable, everyday I work with young families building amazing homes on large blocks... something our city counterparts wouldn't dream of.

So when the opportunity came up to support a new publication, one that speaks of our region with optimism in a progressive way, displayed in such a beautiful and readable format it was hard not to help get the first one up and running.

So if you haven't seen it and you're wanting to... here are some options

1. I may have a few copies stashed away that I'd be happy to share

2. Stories are slowly popping up online

3. Do what we did and subscribe someone for Christmas


We're really proud to support a publication like this, naturally, like any business, we'd love to pick up a few new clients as a result. We don't do a lot of marketing, our clients come to us from people like you, referring that person you know who is thinking of buying or selling property. So if someone comes to mind, please send them along we and promise to take great care of them.