When it comes to conveyancers - you have choice and its an important one.

When it comes to conveyancers, you have a choice. 

Not only do you have a choice, it's an important one, and one that you need to be making, not having someone make for you. 

Most of us don't use conveyancers all that frequently so when we find a good one, why wouldn't you want to hang on to them? Countless times, I've caught up with my clients and they asked who I'd recommend in other parts of the state to help deal with an investment they have, without realising their conveyancer doesn't need to be at the end of the street.

This has worked out well for Quality Conveyancing Solutions as we've been able to educate and regularly deal with these clients, managing their entire portfolio. We've also landed a lot of clients from beyond our patch who are buying local investment properties, believing they need to use a local conveyancers. Whilst this is again, a win for us, you don't have to use a conveyancer local to the property. 

So here's how it works

Whilst a few exceptions to the rule exist, conveyancers are licensed to operate within their State, for example, Quality Conveyancing Solutions is authorised to deal with conveyancing matters for properties within Victoria. 

Whilst we're huge advocates for shopping local we also understand that other factors such as relationships, confidence, availability/flexibility and cost can impact your decision on who to trust with your property. Thankfully, you don't need to sit face to face with your conveyancer anymore than you'd prefer to, we have some clients who meet with us face to face on every occasion and some of our best, we only see socially. It's about what works for you. 

When choosing your next conveyancer, don't feel trapped or tied to anyone if it doesn't feel right. Find what works for you, having a good relationship so that you feel comfortable in asking whatever comes to mind, finding someone that's willing to speak to you beyond the standard 9-5 if you're in a busy day job and naturally a conveyancer that fits within your budget is important. Without doubt, the easy option doesn't promise you an easy experience. 

Regardless of where you're looking to buy or sell, you're most welcome to call or email us for some free advice, choosing a conveyancer doesn't have to be stressful, nor does the process.