Conveyancing - Who should I use?

When you're looking to buy or sell a property you go to a lot of effort, if you're selling you'll prepare the property and likely have several agents come through and do an appraisal. If you're buying, you walk through several properties, you don't go with the first bank you walk past and you're likely getting building and pest inspections done (or at least we hope so). 

Yet - when it comes to choosing a conveyancer we regularly don't realise we've got a choice. It's important that your conveyancer is there to represent you, providing you with independent advice, so if you feel that you've been strongly steered to a particular place it might be worth asking some questions. 

Many people choose to use who their 'family' uses, again without question, or they open the directories make a phone call or two and start moving forward. 

Like every other aspect of buying and selling a property, from the property itself to the agent and the bank, conveyancing deserves a few moments to consider, is this conveyancer right for me?. To answer that question take a moment to understand how you work, if you're wanting to sit with them and talk through everything face to face then locality sits high on your priority list. If you're a busy person, more inclined to shop online, then find a conveyancer that'll work in with your schedule, they don't have to see you face to face. 

Above all of these things, a lot of the stress of your settlement lands with the conveyancer, if you've ever been on hold with a bank spare a thought for your conveyancer because they likely fall asleep at night still hearing that sound. They'll be working to organise the agent and the other party, the bank and everything else that's required so that your settlement can happen on schedule. So our best advice is, when choosing a conveyancer, find someone that you can have a good relationship with, that strikes you as a good communicator, is organised and most of all, someone that you trust.

Don't forget, when it comes to finding a conveyancer you do have a choice, so make it a good one, the easiest choice doesn't always lead to the easiest experience.