What is a conveyancer and do I need one?

What is a conveyancer and do I need one?

If you're asking yourself this question, then we'd expect that you're about to enter or exit the property market. Perhaps you are buying or selling property, or transferring property into or away from your name. If you're not, the answer is you could probably do without a conveyancer for now.

So what does a conveyancer do? They take care of the legal side of property transactions, and ensure the title of the property lands in the name of the intended person. They also ensure that the correct monies have been disbursed to the correct parties.

You may be thinking, 'Can't my agent and mortgage broker take care of this for me?' Sadly they can't, and you probably wouldn't want them to. They'll be busy enough getting everything prepared on your behalf. 

A conveyancer will assist you by:

  • Preparing a section 32 if you're selling, or reviewing the section 32 if you're buying (want to know what a Section 32 is? click here)
  • If you're buying, they'll do title and rate searches to ensure the person selling the property is entitled to sell, and that they don't owe monies for items like council and water rates.
  • They'll assist you in reviewing any contracts that you're about to agree to, and suggest any alterations that they feel you should make. They will also answer any contractual questions that you may have.
  • They'll work closely with the real estate agent, any banks or mortgage brokers, and the vendor/buyer's conveyancer to book settlement and ensure it goes ahead.
  • They'll offer you title insurance to ensure that you're protected down the track. This lifetime insurance protects you from any issues relating to the title such as boundary movement, illegal ownership etc. (Want to know more about title insurance? click here)

A conveyancer will be the link between everyone and everything, to ensure you're protected and that your transaction is successful.

If you've got any more questions on what a conveyancer does, or how we may be able to help, it costs nothing to enquire, visit our contact page and we'll help you out.