Regional Businesswomen's Day - 2017

Regional Businesswomen's Day - 2017

Today we're celebrating the inaugural Regional Businesswomen's Day, an initiative setup by Soar Collective, who believe "the future of Australian regional economy is in women".

I'm lucky enough to get to work with a whole range of local businesses from real estate agents, mortgage brokers, banks, building & pest inspectors and mostly other conveyancers. Whilst I don't often stop to analyse these business networks there is no doubt that the prevalence of girl bosses is strong and in our little part of Australia women are doing their bit for the regional economy. 

The crew at Soar Collective encourage businesswomen to share their story, again something I don't often stop to consider, the 'why' of the business, the 'how we came about', through sharing on their site, it made me proud of what Quality Conveyancing Solutions has become, so why not share it?

There were just 3 things that Soar were wanting to know, so here goes:

Best thing about living and working where you are?

Everything. The people, businesses and clients I work with are the same people I see down the street, bump into at the supermarket, play sport with or against, see when I drop our son off to day care and share a range of mutual friends with. We've also got everything we want sitting at our doorstep, beaches, snow, food, wine, entertainment, great education options, the lot. It's great that at the end of everyday, I can spend 10 minutes and be home on our property amongst a couple of peaceful acres filled with trees, wildlife and the laughter (sometimes screaming) of the kids. Being regional, to me means, community and this is a great community to raise a family and to start a business, people get behind you and I think all local business owners are grateful for that.

One word to describe yourself?

Moving - With two kids under 4, a business, playing netball and basketball and keeping on top of the house. I tend to not sit still for long (if I do I fall asleep)

What's your message for businesswomen struggling through the start-up phase?

Surely I'm not qualified to be giving business advice when every second book to hit the shelves is on another overnight millionaire... that'll never be me but then again, they're not the reasons I'm in business.

The truth is, I had a great job with great people working as the head Conveyancer at Littleton Hackford with David, Marilyn and the team. Along came our first pregnancy and as a family we decided that we'd try setting up a business and working from home... ideally the hours would be flexible, I'd be able to make as little or as much money as needed and be more available to focus on being a mother... reality is a different story.

The reality is - Yes the hours are flexible but I'm working more of them than ever before, whilst I retain the profits I've got no doubt my hourly rate is probably as low as it's ever been. Am I more available as a mother? probably not but our the kids gets quality time with their grandparents and I feel that I'm setting a great example to them and they're not missing out (as you can see in the photo). I may not have painted the nicest picture for you, but would I change it? No!
So if you're passionate about something and can handle the time and a few sacrifices, go for it. 

I love what I do for a range of reasons, I know it well and believe in myself and now my team, I love the people I get to work with and I love helping people into and out of property. My best advice is that you'd can't do it all on your own, so surround yourself with the best people, from accounting, marketing, software, insurances, HR, design + web... put your trust in them and allow yourself to focus on what you do best.

A huge congrats to all business owners out there, particularly in the Latrobe Valley, with some tough times behind us and a few more on the horizon we've got the challenge of getting behind all our small businesses and ensuring our community continues to grow and thrive.


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