Back on board for season 2017

For those that know us, we've got a pretty big extended family. They're called the Morwell Football and Netball Club.

Like many families in regional areas, we've grown up around sports and sporting clubs. Between us, there aren't many sports we haven't played and we've seen first hand the work and support that goes on behind the scenes. Sporting clubs are made of up great people, great families and great friends.

For many years, we'd go to the club and it was the result on the scoreboard that mattered each week. We were all about the game and without exaggerating, we would go days without speaking when that score wasn't good. However, we've learned that it's not the score that matters; it's the club, the culture, the environment that you create and the family that you become a part of. We look back at the club in our early days and realise it was a club for younger people; it wasn't so much a family club. However, over the years, we've grown and the great thing about these sporting clubs is that they've grown with us.

The Morwell Football Netball Club isn't just our place anymore; our eldest son hangs out for games knowing he gets to see all his friends and feels at home in the clubrooms as we always have. The club is a special place and it's because of the people involved. This includes the players, coaches, supporters, the volunteers that put in countless and thankless hours of work and lastly, the sponsors who help make it all happen. 

Between training, playing, working and chasing the kids around, our volunteering efforts are not what they used to be but we are very proud to be able to support the club as a sponsor again in season 2017. 

The club family has been fantastic to us as a business; many current and past players and officials in the Latrobe Valley and Melbourne have been and continue to be our clients. They introduce us to friends and family and so goes the cycle.

Whilst Morwell is the club we call home, we're wise enough to see that colours, names and people change but at their core, all clubs are the same. They rely on the good work of volunteers and sponsors. With that being said, if you're in a position to give a little love back, you won't regret it. 

For anyone at the club or across the league, be sure to get behind any sponsor, from any team. If you're thinking of buying or selling a property and looking for a conveyancer, we're happy to help out.

And lastly, Go Tiges.