Vendor Form Success

Vendor Form Success

Sometimes you work hard and get nowhere. Sometimes you make the smallest tweak 12 months later and it takes off. Our online Section 32 form is one of those stories.

You may have read or you may have noticed that we've made a few updates to our website. Mainly, we're just helping people navigate to what they need sooner. Let's face it; 90% of people are either buying or selling or want our contact details so we've made these easy to get to. For those wanting the full-site, that's easy too. 

In making these changes we had a little bit of unexpected success from a seed that we planted a long time ago. On our 'I'm Selling' page we've always had an online form to allow Vendors to get on and enter the information we need to make the Section 32 process even faster. We were under the impression that people would still rather chat to us over the phone. However, the updated navigation of our website has seen a huge uptake in the use of this form, and the end result is a far more efficient service to our clients. Helping them get to market quicker. 

It's a catchcry of many businesses to demand that they offer a quality service. We do our best and we've been around long enough to see the best and the worst of property transactions. Our aim is to back up our commitment to quality by listening to our clients and constantly making changes in our systems to make life easier. 

We'll continue to make changes and push the limits of what we can do. We’ve got lots of ideas on how we can make the process simpler and easier for clients and agents. If you've got any suggestions or feedback or would like to catch up to see how we can work better together then please get in touch; it's the perfect time of year for a nice hot drink and a chat. 

Checkout the vendor submission form for yourself here