Vendor Information Form

All information collected below will be utilised by Quality Conveyancing Solutions to assist you in the process of selling your property. All information will be utilised to generate a client file and a Section 32/vendor statement which will be made available to yourself and your nominated representatives. In submitting this form, you agree to this use of information
Personal Information
Vendor (1) *
Vendor (1)
Please enter the names of the vendor (person/company selling the property)
Date of birth *
Date of birth
Vendor (2)
Vendor (2)
Date of birth
Date of birth
Current residential address *
Current residential address
Postal address (if different from above)
Postal address (if different from above)
Preferred contact number
Preferred contact number
If you have additional email addresses, contact numbers or instructions please list here
Property Information
Address of property selling *
Address of property selling
Property type *
If you are selling a property with a body corporate, please list body corporate secretary name, address and contact number
Property under mortgage *
If yes to having a mortgage, please provide bank name, banker/broker name and contact number.
Building permits *
Any building permits issued in the last 7 years? If yes, you will be required to provide copies
A copy of the recent notice will be required
A copy of the recent notice will be required
Subject to flooding *
Is the property in an area subject to flooding
Water licence or state river? *
Is the property effected by any water licence or state river? if yes, please provide copies
Swimming pool or spa *
Does the property have a swimming pool or spa?
If you have a pool or spa, is it fenced to Australian standards?
Is the property vacant or tenanted? *
If you currently have tenants, you will need to provide a current lease agreement
Gas *
Power *
Telephone *
Water *
Sewerage *
Please provide details of any notices by public or government authorities current on your property
Buying a property?
If you are buying a property and would also like to discuss this, let me know.